Fringes of the New Republic


Our sixth session was held 3/7/2016.


THE IMPONDERABLE lies deep within the jungles of Cholganna. A towering sight that beckons our heroes forward.

What lies within? Will our heroes find bountiful TREASURE or bountiful DANGER. As the wreckage creaks and moans, signs point towards at least the latter of the two.

Having finally discovered the main section of the Imponderable, the group ventured forward into the crater that the ship had created upon impact. Initial observations revealed that the ship had been tampered with and stripped of most valuables. Tracks of a large Nexu-like animal were also uncovered near the crash site.

The body of the ship had been turned into a pile of shrapnel and crumpled metal, yet was still difficult to penetrate. After assessing three different entryways, the group decided their best bet to enter the ship was through an escape pod hole, that looked like it had been used as an entry way in the past.

With some difficulty climbing the vines and netting using Zamen’s climbing gear, the party entered the Imponderable’s dark interior and immediately confronted a T-junction. Following the sound of muddled voices, the crew decided to go left.

They immediately regretted that decision as the stripped hallways became darker and darker and floor panels plunged into the crumpled levels below them – nearly taking Zamen and Durst with them. Jeff, however, did not let the threat of danger overcome and managed to swing across the dangerous crevasses that were unveiled with Atewai at his side.

When the party reached the end of the hallway, they entered a room that appeared to be an old sensor array station. Here, they stumbled upon a half-fixed security panel that came to life, highlighting a rough map and layout of the ship. This sense of security was immediately lost when a dark shadow and terrified screams penetrated the void of a nearby hangarbay.


The hangar itself was tilted on its side, creating a slip-n-slide scenario that was difficult for the party to get across. Ingenuity and rope prevailed as the group managed to climb onto upper catwalks and access and old elevator shaft that supposedly led directly to the bridge.

Another scream in the dark pushed our heroes forward, climbing upward until they reached an accessible level. An old bridge security room, stripped of any and all tools led way into a much larger space.

The crew of the Star Shadow pushed open a final set of doors only to be met with suddenly by a blast of artificial light. As their eyes adjusted, none other than Yav Yiyar and a wide-eyed, terrified group of Rodians and Trandoshans stood before them.

“What are you doing here? Where is the beast?!” Snarls. Blaster fire. A dead Trandoshan. Another dead Trandoshan. Something has been hunting the Yiyar clan. And now it has the scent of our heroes…


The story so far
Sessions 1-5

At the end of the galactic civil war an imperial treasury ship, known as THE IMPONDERABLE fled the galaxy – it’s location known only to our heroes. CHOLGANNA – the fearsome jungle planet; home of the NEXU.

Other parties stir; including the YIYAR and the mysterious FIRST ORDER. Our heroes, contracted by the Twi’lek, Reom are in a race to uncover the long lost ship and the treasures it holds.

The mission has been anything but straightforward. Sabotage, record deals, asteroid fields, broken ships, salt addicts, and giant man eating octupi have slowed our heroes’ progress.

What lies within the IMPONDERABLE?


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